about YOU

*  You are excited about your wedding plans and overwhelmed with choices, including your photographer.

*  You are looking for someone that is easy to have around you so that you can savor even the little things that are going to happen to you on your wedding day.

*  You want a photographer skilled enough to make memories of your fabulous day that are not like everyone else’s copycat images.

*  You need a photographer that is knowledgeable about the artistry of photography and who appreciates the skill that it takes to make a memorable photograph.

*  You are searching for someone with miles of people experience so that you can feel at ease knowing that your photographer will be treating your family and guests with respect and grace.

*  You both are emotional, in love, and want those feelings to be captured in your wedding photography.

 about SANDY

Sandy is a photojournalist, portrait and fashion photographer with many years of shooting experience, and she loves to photograph weddings!

“I call my natural style of wedding photography  ‘love unscripted’.  I do require a small amount of staging, but I prefer to let you enjoy your day and record your images with as few interruptions as possible.”

“Sandy captured key moments (from a photo journalist perspective), which I think is the most important aspect of wedding photography. When you are the bride or groom, it’s hard to soak in everything that is happening around you or notice every detail or remember expressions on your loved one’s faces.  When I received the pictures back from Sandy, it was like attending the wedding all over again in that exact moment!!  You miss out on so much on your wedding day….and Sandy gave it back to me.  That is truly the best wedding gift I could have received.”

Sharing her time each year living and shooting in both Minnesota and Jamaica, Sandy is happy to take time off from feeding the hummingbirds to answer your photo questions.

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